Kilkenny Business Awards 2006

Quiet weekend on the blogging front but just back in the door from the Kilkenny Business awards. Not used to blogging about the business here but needless to say a good night was had. No major awards but nice representation, a great meal, good conversation and all the rest. Needless to say, being nominated for Service Provider Of The Year after just over six months in business isn’t bad considering we were bunched with companies trading over 20 years around the country.

It does have to be said that there are some absolutely excellent businesses operating in Kilkenny in all areas (retail, service, HR, manufacturing etc.) and for small startup businesses its evenings like these that offer a genuine appreciation of the work involved and the role everyone plays in providing business services to the region.
Congratulations to everyone on the night and everyone I’d been speaking to, hope to see you, and ourselves, again next year!

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