Tweaks For Creative Imagination

I read Michele’s post over the weekend on adjusting his WordPress theme to the MW1 theme (Monetize The Web) which is based around simple support for AdSense.

Seems to work well – paste in your own AdSense code into the building blocks (pages used as includes in the templates), and presto, you’ve got neat inline contextual ads – one after your first post, one after your second, and one after your last.

K2 (which is what I’ve based the CI3.5 theme on) works a little different in that it uses a seperate loop file to control the displays of posts, asides, comments etc. However, a little bit of tweaking and I’ve ripped out the AdSense support, gravatar support, and recent articles links and ported them to K2, dropping them in at the right spots along the loop. At least now you’ll get a little more effective ad placement with K2 running….

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