Breaking The Law

It was rumoured around the colleges… rumoured around the offices…. and now it seems official – are breaking the law – hiding behind Russian copyright laws just doesn’t seem to do it any more.

The breakdown? Well, it seems that whatever about the kind of music they sell, they just don’t have a license to sell it, full stop! The British industry’s (music) trade association, BPI, is planning to attack the site through the UK courst, while leaving members and online customers out of the equation.

The site has been through a rough patch of late, experiencing some major down time leaving users wondering where their online credit had disappeared to. Now, I haven’t had the chance to use it myself but have been known to use another Russian website on the odd time over the last few years and can’t fault their service. At some stage you start believing that its a legitimate distribution channel, with the low prices in keeping with its host nation, but with legal proceedings already underway in Russia against, it might not be long before its days are well and truely up.

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