Podcast Equipment Arrives

Well… its not just for podcasting, but its going to cater for an awful lot of sound production (and all the KilkennyMusic.com gigs). Time to tuck in this evening and get to grips with this (Allen and Heath PA28) which will be used in house for audio production coupled with a PC based system using previously mentioned Augidy 2ZS Plantinum Pro sound card and a Mac Powerbook G4 running ProTools 6.7 with a Digidesign 002 rack

Further to that I would like to publicly acknowledge recently allocated funding to myself from the Arts Council through the Arts Act Grant for 2006 while kindly paid for afore mentioned desk and this setup.

Now all I’ve got to do is get down to brass tacks with the hardware, develop the schedule and away we go. There has already been interest in producing a fortnightly and monthly production to be carried across the ShoutCast network and rebroadcast in the United States on radio. As the schedule and plan of attack unfold I’ll make a report here on how things are progressing.

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