Adobe Lightroom Windows Beta

Happy days for the photographers among us as Adobe have finally launched a Windows beta of Lightroom, previously only available on the Mac.

Lightroom and Aperture are designed to handle photographs taken in the “raw” formats available on higher-end digital cameras. Raw images preserve more detail because they’re pulled directly off a camera’s image sensor; some of that information is lost in typical cameras when they convert that data into more convenient JPEG files.

Although raw images can be better adjusted for exposure, color balance and other qualities, they bring a profusion of new options for the image-editing process. In effect, raw images must be “developed” into the more convenient formats before they can be used.

While I’m only recently getting used to shooting in RAW and its benefits, I’m looking forward to tackling this. Not a full replacement for Photoshop by any means but if it makes the mess on my hard drive any way tidier then I’m all for it!

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