Dublin Crime Mashup Launches

Picked this up via a trackback to my post earlier in the year about mapping crime in New York… Matthew Sammon has launched Dublin Crime with the main site here and their blog here.

At the moment the map displays details of homicides that were discovered in Dublin from 2004 onwards; information about these crimes has been taken from Irish news reports.

As well as including the details of future homicides after they occur, it is possible that more data will be added to the map, for example:

  • Homicide data from before 2004
  • Locations of Garda (State police force) stations
  • Armed robberies
  • Non-fatal shootings
  • Large seizures of illegal narcotics

The blog is in simlar vein to RoadDeaths.ie, set up by friend and colleague John Butler earlier this year which is providing crash reports and an excellent Google Maps set up of all road death locations in Ireland from earlier this year as well as Garda press releases on the same.

Great to see how this new resource will develop over time.

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