Pirate Vista? Kiss Goodbye To Your Computer.

Using a pirated version of Vista (when released) should be ok for a while. Then you might notice a few things go missing on your computer. Then, you might notice your applications won’t open any more. Then you might notice that you’ll only be able to browse the internet – likely being that case that you’ll be whisked off to the Microsoft website to purchase a legit copy of Windows Vista.

Personally, I still haven’t seen the big plus side to jumping over to Vista. Mind you, its still in beta stage but every time the computer at home boots up I’ll still go for that “Earlier Version Of Microsoft Windows” option….

Will XP become the new Windows 98 and in five years time people will STILL be running on a copy of XP SP2? With Microsoft not expecting “a slow adoption of the software”, how long before support for XP is wiped out?

MSNBC has more….

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