Carphone Warehouse Fuming Over Sales Demand

Looks like one of the reasons, according to the Sunday Times today, for the falling out between Vodafone and the Carphone Warehouse is Vodafone’s demand for a guaranteed 35,000 sales “irrespective of the terms offered to customers”.

According to Carphone chief Andrew Harrison (quoted in the paper)

Vodafone approached us to do the same deal and we would not go anywhere near it with the terms on offer,” Mr Harrison said. “It goes against everything we stand for.

Carphone Warehouse maintain that less than 10% of their contract customer base in the UK opt for a Vodafone contract. While Orange have stated that they may follow Vodafone’s actions, T-Mobile have announced that they are backing Carphone Warehouse’s stance who stated they saw Carphone Warehouse “as an important partner despite Vodafone’s decision”.

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