N80 Users Get Truphone

Truphone unveiled a free beta version of their VOIP software for the Nokia N80 at the Symbian Smartphone Show in London today. This follows on from Truphone’s VOIP release for the E-series Nokia phones in September. In effect, it is an alternative to Skype for your N80 handset.

From the Truphone press release

There are no hidden or monthly fees for any Truphone users and calls between ‘on net’ Truphone handsets are free, worldwide. As a launch offer to the end of the year, USA users benefit from free calls to USA and Canada, while the unique UK telecoms market enables Truphone to offer UK users calls some two billion landlines in major countries for free. All other Truphone calls from the user’s mobile are billed at characteristically low VoIP rates.

“Support for Nokia’s N80 handset brings true mobile VoIP to the mass market and gives Truphone genuine consumer appeal,” said James Tagg, Truphone’s chief executive. “Truphone routes calls entirely via the internet ensuring the lowest possible call costs to consumers whether in their home country or travelling abroad, unlike ‘calling card’ services masquerading as mobile VoIP.”

The software is still in beta form, unlike that of the E-series range, and is available from the Truphone website for download later this month. They hope to add an additional range of WiFi-enabled handsets and handsets driven by Windows Mobile 2003/5.0 in the future.

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