Eircom To Roll Out WiMax

Eircom, in trouble of late over the Smart Telecom incident (for those unaware, Smart pretty much folded its broadband and phone service when Eircom pulled the plug over unpaid bills), have announced that they are to broadband-enable another 100 exchanged through 2007, adding broadband support to over 120,000 phone lines as result.

The interesting news though is that Eircom will be using WiMax technology to get around broadband issues in certain areas, WiMax being rolled out in each of Dublin, Waterford, Cork, Limerick and Galway to supplement existing DSL services.

According to RTE, Eircom’s “introduction of WiMax now is seen by the industry as an admission that too many lines were failing over traditional broadband delivery methods.”

Full story at RTE Business.

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