O2 Announce Long-number Deal with TynTec

Press release just in from O2 (UK), looks like they’re outsourcing their SMS services, or at least their long-number service. The deal was struck with carrier-grade message operator TynTec which will see TynTec provide a long-number SMS management system for O2. The long-number SMS service (7+ digits) effectively allows for service and application commands to be sent and integrated into a corporate working environment.

Long number SMS reception can be used by corporates for any application where staff or customers need to communicate with the business via text messaging. For example, by integrating incoming messages into the relevant applications, companies can enable users to text in to receive data such as schedule information, product and delivery status or live company information such as share prices.

E.g. You text a particular number to your company network and have your work schedule returned via your mobile. Long numbers are the cheaper alternative to short codes (where you hear everywhere – “Text your name to 53000 etc.”) and are free of premium text charges. The use of long numbers means that companies can now have their own mobile codes as opposed to sharing them across a network. (Think IPv4 vs IPv6).

Speaking on the announcement earlier, Iain McCallum (O2) said

SMS long numbers are a great tool for businesses looking to offer their customers an SMS interaction channel. Whilst short-codes have their place, long numbers can offer a similar functionality at a fraction of the cost and without some of the limitations. By outsourcing our long number SMS reception facility to TynTec we can ensure that our customers get a great level of service without the need for us to make major investments in non-core technology within our own network

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