4x Tickets For Paul Simon (Seated)

Here’s the story, I’ve got 4 tickets for Paul Simon, sold out, in The Point on Wednesday November 8th. Turns out one of us going is stuck in Dundalk, one is now stuck elsewhere in Dublin on the night and one won’t go if the others can’t go so I’m not going to take up 4 seats by myself!!

Bottom line, I’m selling the tickets, face value (inc booking fee) so you’re looking at €350 for the four. I will also sell them in two sets of two tickets, at €175 for a pair. They’ll be posted by registered (insured) priority mail. Offer on the blog will close on Sunday as I’m going to list them on eBay after the weekend.

If you’re interested, or you know someone who is looking to go, then let me know. Love to see them get to a fan. Bloody missed him the weekend he played in Kilkenny for the Source festival and I’m gutted to give them up but there you go!

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