Canada: We’ve Landed

After a near 7 hour flight we touched down in Toronto around 4am Irish time. Of course, typical airport style we were waiting well over an hour for the bags to get off the belt and out onto the concourse. Great flight all the same, have to hand it to Zoom airlines, they kept everyone fed and watered, handy in-flight meal and Belfast International is a pure breeze.

If you EVER have to fly to Canada, head for Belfast. We got into the airport around 5:30, bags were put through at 5:35 and that was it. No queues, no grouchy passengers – straight to Starbucks for their caramel hot chocolate (two of them to be exact) and a quick look around the duty free before boarding around 8:30pm, flying out a half hour later.

Nothing like doing 550mph at 34,000 feet. The trip itself was around 5,500km give or take. Tired as hell now this morning, ended up sitting in the house, two bottles of beer some cheese and crackers and off to bed around 7:30am Irish time.

Its off to the Gourmet Food & Wine expo before taking in the Toronto Maple Leafs against the Bruins.

Of course I’ve also discovered that the blog looks rather strange in IE7… what happened there?

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