New iPAQs Launched In Japan

iPAQ 6515WI was a lover of my iPAQ HW6515 (pic featured) until I ended up having it repaired, the main board swapped out, and then returned with a bunch of sticky keys (which is likely the main reason that stopped me using it). Of course, when I was in Toronto over the last 9 days or so I dropped into a mobile store offering the same model (the 6515) to see if they had any customer complaints – their simple response being that they had more upset customers than happy ones, each experiencing the same problems I had (having to reboot the phone as the keyboard or joystick might stop working, occasional hangs, sticky keys).

Not to let that disappoint you (or me much further), hopefully HP will have learned from any mistakes around that model as they’ve just launched three new GPS iPAQs out in Japan, all offering integrated bluetooth, wifi and Windows Mobile 5 as standard (something the 6515 couldn’t do due to issues with the hardware).

Maybe some day again, if I find myself somewhere warranting a good GPS setup.

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