When The Mouse Runs From The Mobile

Does anyone else have this problem –

You’re sitting by your desk, mobile to one side of the keyboard, optical USB mouse (not wireless) to the other side of the keyboard. The buzzing sound on your clock radio tells you that you’ve got a text message coming through then your mouse hangs. Patiently it waits until the text message is delivered to your mobile, then it resumes its normal service.

The mouse might either

  • run up the screen of its own accord or
  • stop working entirely, freezing on the screen, disconnecting and reconnecting itself when the sms has passed

Bar changing my mouse (which I actually like, its a nice Microsoft one that came with the natural keyboard), or moving the phone away (normally I’d have it connected to the PC for syncing if I’m home), can anyone suggest a workable solution, or have you even come across it in reality?

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