End Of The Road For TCUK?

Goes from bad to worse really following the political fiasco in France – now Techcrunch UK is “on hold” with Sam Sethi being removed from the blog. Very disappointing as it is a great blog to follow. Reminds me an awful lot of a fiasco at the upper level of online art community DeviantART (where I have held – my account here – a paid membership since April 14th 2004, until recently) where the same stuff happened… Of course, at that point it caused a massive rift in the DA community, legal threats, new policies, cancelled memberships – does this move strike any kind of rift in the blogosphere because of Mike Arrington’s move to remove Sam Sethi, Loic publicly called Sethi “an asshole” on his blog or is it just further fallout from the deemed political hijacking of what used to be a good conference?

If you’ve got the time this morning, read down through the comments here (Techcrunch UK), here (Mike Arrington’s response) and here (the original post).

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