Want To Write “How To” Articles?

Once piece of advice to get people reading your blog has always been (at least I’ve found anyway) to write good “How To” articles – help people to help themselves, give some solid advice and information etc. etc.

With Zeitgeist announced (Google’s top searches for 2006), here’s the top ten “How To” searches, if you’re thinking on blogging a few “How To” articles then it might give you a little idea on what to aim for…

  1. how to refinance
  2. wiki how to
  3. how to drift
  4. how to podcast
  5. how to scream
  6. how to levitate
  7. how to tattoo
  8. how to blog
  9. how to kickflip
  10. how to draw

Interesting that more people want to learn how to float or start tattooing as opposed to blogging 🙂

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