10 Things : A Christmas Blogging Series

So we’re finishing work this afternoon for the holidays and seen as I’m going away tomorrow for a week or so I’m organising a little series called ’10 things’ which will take from tomorrow and over the following ten days right up to New Years Eve (I should be back in Kilkenny the day before). Sneaking off to the family home in Sligo (we bought a place up there a few years ago, last year it became more a ‘home’ than a ‘house’ if you get me) so it’ll give a nice break away for a week or so from this coming Saturday.

I won’t be answering any mail from Saturday onwards until the 29th at the very earliest.

As for ’10 things’ I be going for ten different lists including my top ten albums of the years, gigs of the year, software, blogs, songs, something handy and a bit different for the festive season. Now, just gotta write all these posts…. If you’re thinking on doing something the same, I’m tagging (for technorati) everything with “10+things”, you know yourself.

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