Crunchnotes Go Great With Some Tea

Seen as we’re finishing work tomorrow, today has been a bit of a mad one to say the very least and I’m only getting around to the bulk of blog reading over some tea. God bless the tea! What does make for interesting reading (seen as Keith has been busy posting) is Mike Arrington‘s ‘Truth About TechCrunch UK‘ which is Mr. Arrington’s full side of his story – seen as there’s been a load of hype in the past week or two about Le Web and Techcrunch UK’s holding period its interesting to read the clear of air.

Could we hire an attorney over all of this? Sure. But even though I’m an attorney, that’s not my style. And frankly, we have better things to do with our time. So in the end I had the choice between continuing to work with Sam, and possibly making a lot of money on a European event, or being able to sleep well at night. I chose sleeping wel

Or maybe not so much a clear of air but just putting the issue to bed for once and for all. Sure makes for interesting reading though.

Oh how the mighty do bicker.

So yet again, is it the end Techcrunch UK or would you say its the end of it all? With Sam and Mike now writing at Vecosys [Tracking European Startups] I’m guessing they won’t be back in any capacity. Could do with a decent blog theme though. Sure a shame if it was. Even saw a mention of Blacknight in there once!

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