10 Things: 10 Things I Would Like In 2007

Not getting greedy or anything but here’s a few things that I would like in 2007…

  1. To get back to Toronto
  2. Buy that Telecaster that I keep looking at on Thomann
  3. Buy an XBOX 360
  4. Organise some serious funding for KilkennyMusic.com and watch that little baby grow 🙂 – either through sponsorship or by actually putting my head down and developing a strong business plan and revenue stream for it.
  5. Celebrate 2 years in business with style and watch THAT little baby grow even more.
  6. Go skiing again (seen as my trip in February is off)
  7. Develop some kind of timetable for blogging outside of kenmc.com – Liverpool Access, Mobileblogr and The Football Times take a little hit every now and again.
  8. Finish recording the Happy Medium EP which was started before the summer this year.
  9. Get through Cannibal! The Musical with The Devious Theatre Company and start touring Heart Shaped Vinyl.
  10. Get to spend a little more time up in Sligo. Have van, will travel and all that. Christmas was a good start.

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