10 Things: 10 Great Moments (For Me) From 2006

Here’s another one, this time it is 10 great moments for me in 2006… Again, lists are ordered for appearance as opposed to preference.

  1. Celebrating one full year in business with Event Ireland
  2. A few months later, celebrating one full year on the go with KilkennyMusic.com.
  3. Launching the One Take Sessions in November, seen as I had been planning them since January of this year. Nothing like 11 months of planning to pull off a series of gigs!
  4. Getting to see Tool in The Point – that kind of show doesn’t come along every day of the week!
  5. Hearing Fairground Attraction getting played on the radio for the first time. Nothing like having your own music on the radio – and it wasn’t the last time either.
  6. Steel Pulse in Belfast – 15 of us on a minibus that we hired to take us from Kilkenny to Belfast and back again in the one night – roadtrip of a lifetime.
  7. The day I opened the Kilkenny People and saw that KilkennyMusic.com had been awarded the largest grant in Kilkenny through the Arts Office, something I’m ever thankful for, knowing that the funding received has enabled us to make it a full year and beyond.
  8. Christmas with the family – always something I look forward to
  9. Completing the trifecta of Mark Knopfler (2005), Paul Simon and Bruce Springsteen (both 2006) live. Growing up listening to some of your musical idols, its great to be able to see them live before they give up on the touring side of life.
  10. Getting to Toronto, definitely the highlight of the year, no doubt about it.

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