Devious Podcasts Should Start Soon

I’m looking at following the steps laid down at and bringing The Devious Theatre Company to the podcasting side of the web. Following some good discussion over the matter, we’ve put in motion steps to podcast some radio play material – or Podcast Play if you will – over the coming weeks.

As a tester, I cut my monologue from last year’s Heart Shaped Vinyl together in Audacity this afternoon and it sounds pretty good. The play itself (HSV) had the ten scenes open with a 2-3 minute monologue, so, in an effort to promote the return of the show later this year we’ll initially be releasing each of the monologues, likely coupled with thoughts by the actors involved on the character they portrayed during the show.

We’re really looking at the web as a great way to promote our shows this year and have also put the wheels in motion for a teaser trailer for our August show, Canniabal! The Musical. Tasty 🙂

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