Loving Video Chat

Spent the bones of three hours on a video chat between myself, Daw (of KilkennyMusic.com) and James Doran (Itchy Trigger Finger, a Kilkenny band). Results of which can be seen on my photo blog today.

We had been working (between myself and Daw) on a funding application for KilkennyMusic.com and thought we’d jump into Google Talk for a while, as normal, IMing back and forth. Of course, Mr Dawson has just splashed the cash on a 17″ Mac Book Pro so we thought Skype would be a good alternative, use the video chat.

Whatever it was though, Skype was awful. Stuttering video, massive feedback, echoes, the whole lot. Queue a quick search for instructions on connecting to Google Talk via iChat and away we go. So good was the quality of the service that kept going for around 3 hours or so, no interruptions, no noticeable lag and one of the greatest alternatives to IMing I’ve had the pleasure of, fact.

I’ll certainly be looking at doing this again in the future for our regular meetings, often is the the problem that people (even between the four of us), need to be in a certain place, don’t want to get up away from the computer, or its raining and you don’t want to walk, spring for a taxi or go to the hassle of finding parking in town. Not that we’ll be taking away the personal side of going to meetings but, novice as I am to video chat, I’m going to be pushing for it a hell of a lot more.

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