Mind Farts On A Friday Evening

Today is certainly “one of those days”. Its been a mental week in trying to catch up with blogging, between work and gigs, podcasting and more gigs and the fact that it turned out to be a short week. I actually lost a day somewhere during the week, started work on Tuesday and by the end of the evening thought it was Monday, threw me off completely.

Mind farts seem to be the course of the day though, I’ve 11 drafts waiting on kenmc.com, four of which were started today but by the time I get to the end of the post and hover over the submit button, I’ve lost my train of thought completely and think “ah yeah, I’ll come back to that one later”.

Have had some interesting blogging ideas because of it though and with the weather the way it is for the night there’s no time like the present to put pen to paper.

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