FeedBurner Will Sell To Google In 2/3 Weeks

This is one sale that I’m happy to see anyway, the two providers a perfect marriage in integrating FeedBurner’s statistics and feed management with the likes of Google Adwords, Google AdSense and Google’s Analytics. I had mentioned earlier in the week that the sale was rumoured to be going ahead, as first mentioned by Sam Sethi at Vecosys.

Spotted the news breaking this morning though on TechCrunch that the deal has been agreed and looks to be in the region of US$100m which represents a great result for a company going into their fourth year who’ve taken US$10m in capital funding over two rounds two years ago.

FeedBurner really is a quality service and my first port of call when setting up a blog, happy to say I’ve got it managing 26 of feeds from across my own blogs and blogs that I’m managing for one or two other people. I like the stats, like the control over my feeds, republish-ability, friendliness to podcasts – the whole lot. Couple that with the statistics provided by Analytics plus the likelihood of additional revenue generation through your RSS feeds and the whole package looks to be onto a winner from the get go.

Tip of the hat to FeedBurner, hopefully it brings about an improvement in everything as opposed to dropping any parts of the service but I guess we’ll have two weeks or so to wait and see what happens.

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