Best Of Luck To You School People

Verdict in the office is – “wouldn’t wish it on my own worst enemy”. The state exams start today with over 100,000 students going to sit the Leaving Certificate and Junior Certificate. Now, I’ve got no fear of exams or anything but there’s no way you’d get me to re-sit the Leaving Cert. Its been 7 years (I think) since I sat mine and the feelings you get on the morning of the first exam can’t have changed much.

One or two of the younger cast involved with Devious Theatre‘s two shows this year are sitting the Leaving Cert while a cousin of mine is sitting the Junior Cert. All I can say is – the best of luck. While you have plenty to do after the Junior Cert if you’re not set of the Leaving Cert at this stage you won’t be. You’ve done enough so get out, do your best, take it one exam at a time and all that craic.

Still, wouldn’t do it again for all the tea in China. Or the UK. Or the Maxol garage around the corner.

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