PodCamp Ireland – One Month From Today

With today being August 29th it means we’re one month away from PodCamp Ireland. If you haven’t already signed up or you’re still debating whether to go to Kilkenny for this free event then have a read of Krishna’s latest post to the PCI blog where it is well highlighted that PodCamp isn’t just for techies and blokes!

The point is quite valid too!

I’ve been stirring the conversation in the music and theatre circles that I travel in and the responses have all been positive with bands, solo performers, and arts groups all interested. There might not be a techie among them but they’re all aware of the power of podcasting, the freedom of the medium and they’re all eager to learn more.

So whether you’re a techie or not, a podcaster or not, a blogger or not – it doesn’t really matter! There’s a wealth of things to learn at PodCamp and more to come before we open the doors on the 29th of September in Killkenny.

Discover it all so far on PodCampIreland.com and don’t be afraid to register – it is free after all!

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