So THAT’S What GlowDay Do!

GlowDayEarlier in the week I posted a preview of the ten companies showcasing their wares at DemoBar next Thursday, September 13th at the Ely HQ in Dublin. Like James, there were one or two names I wasn’t familiar with – GlowDay being one of them. I had added a note that I would amend the description with any gory details available and via Daniel Becker (Founder) comes the following…

GlowDay power embeddable surveys, from simple one question polls to complex multipage questionnaires. Surveys are delivered either as widgets or hosted pages. Survey Designers have full control of layout and presentation and can include images and videos for added impact. A survey can be shared for others to use or improve. Results can be analysed and compared to results gathered by others. Our Service is Free

GlowDay is another service that is expected to be launched at DemoBar.

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