Another Podcast, In Case You Missed It

In case you missed it and you just happen to be looking for another Playlist Mix podcast, I released show 19 earlier this week on and MySpace.

I’m calling it “the good mood” podcast as listening back to it I was in a ridiculously good mood.

It’s the last of the PlaylistMix series that I’ll be recording via studio B’s PC setup (utilising the PC, Audition 2, a handy Xenyx 502 mixer and the Creative Audigy 2 ZS) as it’s been switched out to a new ProTools setup with ProTools 7.4, a few handy plugins and a Digidesign Mbox 2.

I gave the setup a lash last night, trying to get to grips with recording and editing in ProTools in a short time frame (had a recording booked for 8pm for the Sound System Podcast with – more chat, less music) but firing through it last night it appears, at least initially, that the transition should be relatively ok.

In bouncing the KKM podcast to disk last night I did miss the speedy mixdown that Audition offers (a 30 minute podcast could be mixed down and saved in 2-3 minutes whereby ProTools was bouncing in real time) but if I need to factor more time into the production process then so be it.

I’ve time booked at the weekend to explore the ins and outs of ProTools and the new Mbox, the result being Playlist Mix 20 when it’s published next Tuesday night. I’ll hold off in buying Audition 3 for the moment though I’ve got no plans to use the ProTools setup on the PC at all.

For your listening pleasure, grab some music from Jettie, Amy B, Bows and Arrows and more all wrapped up in a neat sub 30-minute bundle.

Playlist Mix Podcast Show #19 (Download @ 30mb)

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