And Thus Ends 2013

There were new contracts. There was a wedding. There was stolen oil. There was a 30th birthday. There was a trip to France. There was a short film made. There was a whole lot of theatre produced. There was a laptop, camera and iPad stolen. There was a laptop and camera replaced. There was the Arts Festival. There was the Fringe Festival. There was Galway, first for theatre, then the stag. There was catching up with friends over dinner. There were new restaurants. There were no penalty points, accidents, or incidents on the road. There wasn’t enough cycling. There was a wedding planned. There was a new band. There were great gigs. There was Springsteen. Fleetwood Mac. There was this and so much more.

2013, it’s been swell, but I’m gunning for 2014.

Happy New Year.

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