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This Is Amy Winehouse

On display at Butler Gallery, Kilkenny during the 2013 Kilkenny Arts Festival. One of the many works of Bob And Roberta Smith in Kilkenny for the festival stretch. Video to follow of the piece in rotation…

David Kitt, Seamus Fogarty at Set Theatre

Closing out the third day of the 2013 Kilkenny Arts Festival was David Kitt, with Seamus Fogarty, above, opening the proceedings. Both have been involved in the festival on different occasions over the last few years. Of course, we were the late arrivals, missing all but the last two tunes from Seamus Fogarty before David…

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Anthony Joseph & The Spasm Band at Kilkenny Arts Festival

Anthony Joseph & The Spasm Band absolutely lifted the roof of Set Theatre last night. It’s been a while since I’ve shot photo and video in front of an absolutely belting speaker stack, but the results will make for great additions to the festival highlights coverage. Here’s two select stills from last night’s stomping gig,…

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Kilkenny Arts Festival Day 2: Bob And Roberta Smith Opens

Bob And Roberta Smith’s show officially opened this afternoon, beginning for us with a trip to the Heritage Council to take in the ‘Bob Walk And Talk’ around some of the sites of Bob And Roberta Smith’s work, pictured (right, above) with the lady posing as Hannah Arendt (I should have gotten her name, will…

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Kilkenny Arts Festival 2013: Day 1

Day one hitting the 2013 Kilkenny Arts Festival trail as part of the Event Media / Mycrofilms / Ross Costigan powerhouse of coverage. Here’s some select shots from the B cam for the day.

Bob And Roberta Smith: Bonfire

Today was Day 0 for our documentary crew for the 40th Kilkenny Arts Festival and it kicked off with some on-camera chats with Bob and Roberta Smith. Bob’s work is the core of the Visual Arts strand for this year’s festival and this work, Bonfire, can be seen in the reception area of County Hall…

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