When Business Becomes A Pleasure

When business becomes a pleasure.

People say you should never mix both – keep them apart at all times. Unless of course you’re in a job that you love doing things that you love. Needless to say the business world has its pressures – demands from clients, demands from yourself, constantly trying to raise the bar and improve your own game while raising the standard of others.

So today I had the pleasure of asking a good friend of mine to become a part of our small but expanding business. No greater pleasure than working with friends, doing what you do best, day in day out.

The business started out from a friendship, developing to a partnership that works effectively and when you have the strength and resources in friends to further strengthen and add value to your own business then you’ve got to smile.

So two will become three as the workload has increased a lot more than we possibly anticipated with new avenues opening up daily, new ideas being tossed around and developed and a firm direction being put on what we’ve started.

Early days, but great days.

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  1. Aidan November 9, 2005 at 8:25 am

    Ah ur nice 🙂

    But true to form, it is a pleasure to do something you love and also make a living from it. It is another bonus to be able to have someone by your side you can trust & have full confidence in their capabiities. No stopping us now, next stop the world!

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