TiVo to go please!

Apple and TiVo are teaming up in the US!

Well…. sort of.

TiVo Inc. is expanding its video recording service so users will be able to transfer recorded TV shows onto Apple Computer’s iPods, according to an Associated Press report. By adding support for the MPEG-4 video format, TiVo hopes to capitalise on the immense popularity of Apple iPods.

TiVo automatically finds and digitally records up to 300 hours of programming you want—your favorite show, every Coppola movie, home improvement programs, Dora cartoons, whatever you choose—all while you’re out living life. Plus, pause, rewind and slo-mo live TV.

Two downsides to this?

No TiVo in Ireland…. and no video iPod for Ken! Though I’m working on the latter…

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  1. Aidan November 21, 2005 at 12:08 pm

    Well working on the latter, maybe if they make it an online Tivo thing it would solve the continental issues and restrictions 🙂 Good idea though! Apple are heading in the right direction on the whole, but my only worry is that they take on too much too quick without fully understandig the enormity of the task at hand and how well their relatively new iPod video with hold up against all these new programs being installed and bug issues? Considering they made such basic mistakes all along with 1-4th gen iPod and its very poor battery and also the latest problems with the nano screen being suceptible to sratches very easaily. Only the future will tell I guess.

    I might sound a bit negative, but saying all that I am excited about getting an iPod 60gb for christmas and hope it has no problems with all Apple hope to offer us.

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