Microsoft and the Treo 700

You might remember posts coming up to the end of 2005 which looked at my debate over a new mobile, the Hewlett Packard HW6515…. well, it got into a fight with the Treo 650. I’m still letting the 6515 win out, but the phone has changed places on my list of priorities for 2006.

Irregardless of that fact, we’ve been talking around the office about the new Treo 700. Palm recently established a Dublin base to concentrate of the development of the Palm OS and new applications for it – now, along comes the brand-spanking-new 700 and its running Windows, the first Palm mobile to do so.

They say that they’re going to continue to release new mobiles with new Palm OSs – so why the change? Are they giving into demand and forsaking what they’ve developed and stood for todate? It’s their phone, their hardware, their technology, their OS – so why now?

It’s on sale from this morning on by the way…. 😉

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