At last… old music online!

I’m not too picky about the music that I listen to. But I hate most modern pop crap that fills our airwaves and would much rather pick up some of my older bands, early 90s stuff, late 80s stuff – the hard to find gems that you used to get in the back of the Book Centre or downstairs in Sherwoods or your other now non-existant music store.

So wasn’t I pleased to read this morning that Universal are digitising their back catalog of out of print albums, many of which had only been available on vinyl or just out of print for years. For the next 3 years or so, Universal are going to start reissuing around 10,000 out of print albums and they”ll likely partner with iTunes and the rest of the online music stores for distribution.

Why? Because you don’t need shelves to stack CDs on the Internet! Bring it on….


  1. Ken January 19, 2006 at 9:50 am

    I have indeed! Keith tipped me off about it a while ago. Great for listening to music, but nice to see that the stuff will be available for purchase. There’s a few forgeign music sites that I’ve been able to pick up old Irish stuff on for a few dollars over the last year or so but its nice to see record companies making the move to rerelease the older stuff, it helps the bands and artists in question as much as it helps themselves )

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