MySpace, MySpace, My Space!

MySpace! Its the word on everyone’s lips at the moment. What’s so bloody great about MySpace? I’ve taken a gander at it a few times and most recently last week found more of my friends on it than I cared to find. Is there some secret about MySpace that has everyone crawling there or is it just “the” place to be at the moment?

Running a gig (I run gigs under another one of my ventures… recently I was speaking with a member of one of the bands who was constantly taking the piss out of one of his own band members for all the profiles he has on MySpace. Another one was greeted by “Jesus…. you’re not another bloody MySpace band are ya?” (in reference to a band that wasn’t appearing on the night).

Sure enough, the more bands I get through Kilkenny Music, the more they’re sending me to their ‘MySpace’ page. Seems to be nothing more than a glorified blog of sorts except you get ‘friends’, similar to the way you get ‘watchers’ on DeviantART. Now it seems that if the US wasn’t enough, they’re going to hammer the UK market as well.

They’ve got over 50 million users, 32 million of which are reportedly active and driving the site. I wasn’t exactly blown away by it myself but I’m guessing that the advertisers are well impressed!

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  1. Rob Comber January 26, 2006 at 10:50 am

    MySpace is such an old concept over here, but the Americans love it. There are loads of these type of sites, for your friends, classmates, college friends, even for businesses (iKarma). It seems to be a way for people to feel connected to something, and with music it means getting to “know” the next big band. Other than the embedded music library in mySpace, nothing special

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