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BlogBeat has launched recently enough and is offering 30 day trials to users to help you track statistics across both your blog and RSS feed. I’m already tracking with StatCounter which is throwing up some useful statistics, Google Analytics is in there too in the background so whats the harm in trying a third one?

“Bogbeat provides all of the basic statistics including visitors, referrers, search engines, browsers, etc.., but also has great post detail stats, RSS statistics (for Feedburner), comment tracking, outgoing links, and more…”

It’s going to cost $6 a month for blogs that are under a half million page views monthly, which I sit into just about right 😉 so what harm… The trial is up on February 27th so I’ll report back before then with the findings! In the meantime, SolutionWatch have a great review of the service, or you can try it for yourself at BlogBeat.

Update: Emailed a friendly guy at BlogBeat who also informed me that the tracking has the same blocking cookie function as StatCounter, just not seen yet when you login, but kindly sent me the link – and it works. Snappy response, I like it!


  1. Ken Yarmosh January 27, 2006 at 4:53 am

    Hey, Ken. First off, great name.

    Secondly, can you send me that link?

  2. Ken January 27, 2006 at 12:38 pm

    Hey Ken, just make a followup post on the blog myself, you’ll see it from the main page… I’ve pinged your post about it.

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