Bloggers Be Banned!

The Japanese team taking part in the Winter Olympics in Italy have been pretty much warned ‘blog – and you’re on the next plane home‘. Bad news for the Japanese, but good news for bloggers in a sense. The JOC are instructed their teams not to start blogging the Winter Games as the Olympic Charter bans athletes’ journalist activities when the games are on, and violators will be disqualified. Of course, this would suggest that bloggers are now journalists?

If thats the case then I’d like my free press pass to a few certain places this year, thank you very much… 😉

Seriously though, it is a little outlandish. Some of the sporting committee’s are even going as far as telling their members, who have personal homepages, to stay away from the internet and not update their sites while they participate in the games.

Anyone ever heard of the freedom of speech and all that?

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