Take 2 in hot… coffee…

I’d safely say that almost anyone who has owned a Playstation 2 or used one, has at some stage, tried their hand at the Grand Theft Auto series. I’ve been a fan ever since the top-down first version, and even that one was given a 15/18 cert when it was released in certain areas. Having grown up with the series on the PC and then trying my hand at the console when Vice City and San Andreas were released, I was astounded to hear today that Take Two Interactive are being sued, for a nice sum for hiding a mini-game within the PC version of GTA : San Andreas which depicts the main character in sexually explicit scenes, which can be controlled by the user. The minigame itself has been dubbed ‘Hot Coffee’.

The Los Angeles city attorney’s office has taken Take-Two to court for deceptive business practices and making false statements in marketing the game, for its failure to reveal the extent of its sexual content.

The smart thing is, Take-Two originally claimed that the scenes were added by hackers in the form of a mod for the game, until later admitting that the scenes and minigame were actually embedded within the original code. Big mistake there lads!

Check this article covering the original story (pre-court case), mid last year. Did anyone else NOT know about this?

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