Songbird goes public

I’ve been waiting for this for quite a while and delighted that Techcrunch could tell me that Songbird has launched – how did that one slip by me? The site is down at the moment but you can download Songbird by clicking here.

What is it? At the core, its a media player built on the Firefox engine with an interface not unlike iTunes and is being released for Windows, Mac and Linux – the above version is for Windows, the rest will follow soon enough.

Songbird plays the Web. Songbird may view Web pages as playlists of MP3s. Soon, Web page authors may publish playlists and transfer MP3s into Songbird in support of digital music stores like eMusic, music subscription services like Yahoo! Music Unlimited, virtual jamming services like Ninjam, playlist sharing services like WebJay and more

Being based on the Mozilla/Firefox engine, its going to be open to user extensions so we might see this evolve as much as Firefox has. Off to try it this evening – yet another new web toy for Ken to play with….