Songbird : First Look

So I got to try Songbird last night, and while it looked great on the outside I’ll admit that I was disappointed at first use. Robbie’s been having problems with his installation and had to source additional dll files he didn’t have which didn’t come with the package at the time (the source code has since been published).

But the crashing hit my machine as well, not with the editing of track names mind you – I didn’t get that far. I’ve got a sizeable music collection at home. I’ve converted my whole CD collection and have stocked up over 10K tracks on my machine and Songbird must have been looking at me saying “eh….. go way outta that, I’m not counting those”, when scanning my music folder for tracks. 4 seperate occasions it simply breaks down…

The site, which was down most of yesterday has now resurfaced and is packed with all the details on it. First look for me wasn’t fantastic by any means but with the software still version 0.1, there’s a long way to go yet so I’ll be patient.

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