Vista Delayed – Again

Windows Vista Is Delayed

Via BBC…. It seems that we won’t be getting an update to Windows until at least January 2007 as the new breaks this morning of another delay to delivery of Windows Vista – unless you’re a business customer that is.

There will be a corportate edition of the new version of Windows available likely around Thanksgiving weekend in the US with the remaining versions set to ship in the new year (Enterprise, Home Basic, Home Premium, Ultimate and Starter).

Only thinking yesterday as well its nearly 5 years since Internet Explorer had an update, it should be 6 by the time Windows ships, way too big a gap in my mind for any piece of software – never mind Windows itself. Still… the interconnectivity with the XBOX 360 should be fun…

Update: This news article makes more sense for business – they’re not bothered as more major corporations wouldn’t roll out Vista until 07 anyway. It does mean though that Microsoft are going to potentially miss the home computer market for Christmas, possibly the biggest selling time of the year for home computers.

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  1. Rosanne March 22, 2006 at 10:04 am

    Howya Ken!

    Thanks for the comment, yeah Bloglines sucks! How are things, I hear you have started up a company since leaving WIT… hope it’s going well!

    I subscribed to your blog (in NetVibes this time!)… it’s interesting, keep up the good work!

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