YouTube moving on up

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself

35 million videos viewed a daily.

Hundreds of thousands of comments. Positive feedback, negative feedback.

View them online, spread them in email, stick them on your bebo or MySpace account, hell, even post them in your blog.

I’m talking about the videos being hosted at YouTube, quite possibly the new internet leader for online video sharing. Whatever about Google Video or Atom Films, YouTube seems to be doing the business when it comes to video, according to SiliconBeat this evening. Its also something I’ve been looking at of late as a means of distribution for another organisation I’m involved with.

But why the big news? Well, they’ve been handed another US$8 million in VC funding – barely five months after receiving a first round sum of US$3.5 million. Seems like things are getting busy on the YouTube front and they’re moving right on up…. read on for the full article.

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