.eu Domains Unleashed

So the .eu domains were unleashed yesterday and I’ve already started shopping. Nice to have a chance at taking a domain to play with that was previously unavailable. Registration process is quite simple and my first domain, kenmc.eu (which will simply redirect to here) was approved within a few hours, being a natural resident of the EU. Outside of that you’ve either got to be a business or have your trading offices in the EU.

Sean McNamara came up with a nice swoop and picked himself up Sean.eu… go figure. No doubt the registrars will be having a fun time with the new wave of domains being rolled out across the web.

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  1. Sean April 8, 2006 at 7:30 pm

    Ha ha! yeah.. and i wouldnt have known only you told me you registered one! This is another reason why everyone should listen to Ken, he tells you cool things without realising it! 🙂

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