Thinking About Passwords

Following an earlier post on how secure ones password is, I came across this interesting article. Whatever about fingerprinting, or retina scanning for user-logins, there’s something just damn interesting about biometrics and its advances when it comes to ultimate security. But what if your thoughts could be your password? The concept is based on using brain-wave signatures as “pass-thoughts” to allow access to secure devices.

Possible? Certainly something to think about for the future….

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  1. Rob Comber April 27, 2006 at 3:23 pm

    Ever have one of those moments when you try to concentrate on one thing but can’t help but think of another (laughing at mass?) I’d rather not have my brain hooked up to my password in case when trying to remember it, I start thinking about the last episode of the Simpsons I saw and can’t get into my bank account! Don’t think about the blue elephant!

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