Flocking With Vista

Finally gave up well into the wee hours of the morning (well, at about 2:45am anyway) after a good poke through Vista. The diagnostics seemed ok, fired up a little issue with my graphics card (GeForce 6500) claiming that the drivers were causing Vista to load and run slowly.

Get back up this morning and do a little looking around and both NVIDIA and Creative have released drivers for Vista Beta 2 meaning the graphics card is no longer an issue, and the new Audigy card works like a charm.

This post? Blogged all the way from Flock. Very impressed with the integrated blogging feature. Slipping in the username and password for kenmc.com fires up all the blog categories, options to include tags, replace an existing post and more.

The odd little issue here and there with pop up boxes (password prompts, confirmations etc) disappearing behind the browser when they first hit your screen but other than that its like FireFox’s good looking sister…

Useful links for you if you need them…

Windows Vista x86 Beta 2 – ForceWare Release 85 (May 23, 2006)
Creative Worldwide: Support: Downloads: Drivers, firmware and software updates

Note: after the fact… get flock integration with Ultimate Tag Warrior for WordPress and you’re laughing…

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