Testing Vista

Lets see… 1:10am and I’ve finally cracked the whole Vista thing. Gave it a quick lash yesterday, by quick I mean about 4 hours. Bought a second HD during the week (another 200GB) so fired that into the machine, made a primary partition for Vista, installed thinking – ok, so far so good.

No chance.

Out goes any chance of booting XP after 90 minutes of formatting and installation. So I stay up into the wee hours, back the majority of my main HD up onto a portable drive and repartition about 100GB. Now, the install says it needs a primary partition  (Vista) but I’ve just gotten away with a logical partition no problem – and it dual boots as well.

With a little bit of exploring done, I have to say I’m highly impressed with the overall interface. If they could release that as a direct addon for XP there wouldn’t be any need to change ;). It picked up my GeForce 6500 and installed a core driver for it which was nice. No problems in picking up my card reader drive bay, though it failed with the soundcard (yes, the Audigy came at long last and its damn nice too).

Time to see if the beta holds up the sound drivers as well as a few other peripheral bits and bobs. And whats this… I’m blogging in IE? Shudder the thought… where’s my Firefox!

(And if you’re wondering how to activate Vista… its hidden in the System options in Control Panel…)

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  1. Sean June 17, 2006 at 12:13 pm

    sounds like you had fun.. Just like me! 😀

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