Unique Visitors Don’t Like, Or See, Ads

World Cup Access. The World Cup is over, starting to become a distant memory to those who followed it even religiously. So this morning I notice there’s something funny with the stats. A jump from 200 uniques on Sunday to over 1700 on Monday. The value of that increase…. 38 cent 🙂

Of course its great to see one of my blogs pushing up the charts, the crazy spike in vistors throwing it to #3 in the IrishBlogs charts… for now…

Oh… what were they looking for? Seemingly Zidane’s headbutt against Materazzi? Couldn’t even remember where I had mentioned it, my SEO was just that good! So I gave them a video this morning for their efforts…


  1. Eamon July 11, 2006 at 3:18 pm

    Blame the users and not the ads, eh?

    One of the major problems with Google ads, is that everyone thinks that just because they’re generated based on a page’s content, that makes them relevant to the user. It doesn’t. Google ads work on some sites, on other sites they don’t. If a user is coming in looking for information on something specific, a Google ad might be tempting. If they’re in a moe general mode, the Google ad is wasted – as it is also wasted if the user coming in via a search engine finds what they’re looking for on the page and doesn’t need to click any further.

    If you want to optimise your click-thru revenues on Google, you do have to look to the content first and foremost.

  2. Ken McGuire July 11, 2006 at 3:24 pm

    I would agree, though on another note its a pity you don’t leave an email or URL!

    But I’m not blaming the users as such. I’ve been lucky enough with World Cup Access that given the core content is strictly world cup and soccer based that the ads created are directed solely at World Cup based web sites.

    Kenmc.com however is another story with adsense creating the most general of ads that I wouldn’t be bothered looking at twice, unless of course they arrive from a search engine – and don’t find what they want on the page (or they browse like I do and open up something else, just in case).

    The post in itself is a bitpart reference to a recent conversation between myself and two other Irish bloggers surrounding adsense revenue around the World Cup which had drawn one or two funny conclusions.

    At this stage of things I’m not out to make money at all from Google ads, but if it was a case where you could compare a rise in user figures to a direct rise in adsense revenue, then, almost jokingly, an crease in 1500 or so unique visitors equals 38 cent…

    I think for Google ads to be truely appealing to both the publisher and the viewer, that publishers should have complete control over their ads, the same way the Pro adsense accounts work (like digg.com for example).

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