Wanted: Digital Video Camera Suggestion

I’m considering the purchase of a digital video camera, mid range camera in the region of €1500 tops. If anyone can suggest anything that would be worth looking into for less than that kind of money (like the €500-€1000) range then I’m all ears. Camera’s main purpose would be shooting gigs, so I’m looking at high quality under low lighting. Audio capture doesn’t have to be fantastic as the end result would use feeds recorded via the desk.

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  1. Joe October 2, 2006 at 9:34 pm


    I use a JVC Everio and although its an older model it shoots great video with sound even in low light conditions. Its also very small and stores content on a local hard disk for immediate upload. It uses a funky .mod format that the Windows Video tools seem to understand, but your screwed if you have a Mac.

    The later models have a much larger capacity than mine (8 hrs vs 1hr) and also shoot at higher resolutions. All in all a great camera, but probably at the high end of your price range.

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