Got Me A K800

So today I made the bold move and switched over to an Easy Life plan with O2 having been a prepay customer for all of about six years. The joy of doing so is that I can now enjoy the use of a Sony Ericsson K800 which I may have mentioned earlier. No, I didn’t pick up the limited silver edition but I have to say that over the first day of use of the phone I’m extremely impressed.

Until recently I had been using a Motorola v360 for personal calls, standing in for my HP iPaq 6515W which I’m disappointed just hasn’t lived up to its enormous pricetag.

The improved PC Suite (in comparison to the one I picked up with the P900 many moons ago) is a delight, the USB charging extremely handy for mobility (or if like me you tend to leave your phone charger in the office) and the quality of the camera, a mobile option I’ve never had much use for before, is excellent.

More on the phone as I give it a lengthier run over the next few weeks.


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